60 Days Stronger Challenge

Back in August of 2020, I was talking with a friend and catching up on life. She mentioned that she was doing this online health and fitness challenge called 75 HARD. Being the challenge-lover that I am, I asked for more details and my jaw literally dropped as she spoke of it’s components. This challenge that she committed herself to for a full 75 days involved drinking a gallon of water per day, reading 10 pages of a self-help book, taking a daily progress photo, sticking to a diet plan and exercising for TWO hours per day, one of which had to be done outside.

I consider the first three components totally doable…..but the last two just seemed unreasonable. Especially since you have to start alllllll over again if you mess up and don’t complete all of the tasks each day. Yup, you read that right. No mistakes allowed.

Still in the midst of the pandemic, I was in need of some type of challenge to get a new healthy routine going, but I decided that 75 HARD was just that – too hard. Instead, I created my own challenge that I call 60 Days Stronger Challenge.

Research shows that it takes 30 days to form a habit that sticks… Therefore, I decided that doubling that amount would be perfect for what I was trying to accomplish. While I liked some of 75 HARD’s components, I wanted to change it up in ways that would help me reach my overall goal of creating new healthy routines. I decided that the 5 daily tasks would be as follows:

  1. Hydration – drink half your body weight in ounces per day or one gallon (whichever comes first)
  2. Exercise – Spend one hour per day exercising
  3. Healthy Meal Plan – Stick to some sort of healthy meal plan without any cheats
  4. Self Development – Read 10 pages in a self help book or spend 10-15 minutes journaling
  5. Gratitude – Write down 3-5 things each day that you’re grateful for

I typed this list up and created a tracker to go along with it (because you’ve got to track your daily moves in order to see your progress) and mentioned it to my friend to see if she wanted to do it with me. Wellllllll she then mentioned it to her friend who happens to be a pretty big influencer on TikTok and the challenge exploded from there!

I created a sign-up list where you’ll be given a free downloadable PDF with all of the info, TikTok-famous-Kirstin shared the challenge with her followers to get more friends on board, we created a private Facebook group for accountability and support and then got to work! The first round started out strong with many participants feeling super motivated! After a brainstorm session with Kirstin and Lyndsay, we decided to create a point system complete with prizes for the top three point-collectors in order to give an extra push for those involved.

It was such an honor leading everyone through 5 rounds of this challenge! I truly enjoyed keeping everyone motivated and it was simultaneously very rewarding as I watched numerous individuals grow into much stronger, more beautiful people.

While I no longer lead an interactive challenge in the Facebook group, I have a downloadable, printable version of the 60 Days Stronger Challenge complete with the tracker available in my Etsy Shop, Bailey’s Way Designs. This instant download cost $3 and contains all of the instructions along with a tracker that is set up for the entire 60-Day duration, yet doesn’t have any dates attached so you can start whenever you’re ready! So, what are you waiting for?! Get the download, grab a buddy and start creating the strongest version of yourself today! 🤩

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