Episode 1: Who, What, When, Where & Why – Show Notes

1. Who, What, When, Where & Why? Distressed to Joyful; Bailey’s Way

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Who in the world is this Bailey girl? What is this podcast actually about? And why should I take the time to listen to it?? Well, hit PLAY to find out for yourself! Join us as we learn all about our host, Bailey Reber, the motivate behind starting a podcast focused on Bipolar Disorder + Mental Health Awareness and how it can help you transform your own life! 

Let’s Get to Know One Another…

Who is Bailey Reber?

At the time of recording for this episode, I was 26 years-old and living in Houston. I’ve always been a “small town girl with a big city heart” as I was raised just south of the city in a small town, though I moved to Houston in 2014. I’m a “little bit of everything” & “hot mess express” to the MAX! I’m a lover of people – ALL people from all walks of life! One of my biggest passions is connecting with others. I love to talk and I’m not afraid to be vulnerable – whether that be face-to-face in conversation with one other person, or on the internet where anyone can listen in. 😅

What is this podcast about? What can I expect to gain from listening?

A greater awareness of mental health as it literally affects EVERYONE. More specifically, you’ll learn a lot about bipolar disorder as I was diagnosed with this often-misunderstood mental health disorder when I was 16. I used to let my disorder manage me, but nowadays I manager my disorder, which is how I was able to change my life from being Distressed to Joyful. 😉

What’s more, you’ll gain a better understanding of bipolar disorder (we’re not scary – we’re just humans with stronger emotions!), learn about the methods I use for anger management & coping strategies, discover beneficial techniques to help you effectively deal with overwhelming emotions and hear thoughtful approaches that can help you support a friend or loved one cope with their disorder.

When can I expect to hear more?

MONDAYS! Do you hate Mondays? Well let me give you a reason to LOVE them! 😜

Why did you start this podcast?

I started this podcast because I’m tired of the stigmas. So many people struggle with mental health disorders every single day but many are ashamed to get help because of the stigmas placed upon them by society. I hope that by publicly opening up about my own mental health disorder, it will help others see that this is normal and will hopefully help stop all of these stigmas.

Additionally, I want you to know that you’re not alone… We all struggle in our own ways – many people do so behind closed doors and quietly to themselves. I’m here to be the voice that lets you know that it’s okay! It’s okay to struggle and get angry and to cry. It’s okay to FEEL EMOTIONS, dammit, and to express them however the hell you want (just as long as it’s not harmful to yourself or others!). But it is NOT OKAY to hide away these feelings and bottle them up, trust me from experience…

Lastly, I want to help educate the general public on my version of one of the most commonly misunderstood mental disorders… Everyone who has bipolar disorder struggles with it differently as we are all different human beings… But I’m hoping that by sharing what I’ve done to help me manage my mood swings as well as my temper and hypomanic/depressive cycles that it will help someone else. I also want to help the loved ones of someone with bipolar disorder. It can be so scary sometimes, and it’s hard to understand. Hearing what I’ve been through will hopefully bring light about the ups and downs and the daily struggles so that a sister, brother, friend, mom, dad or spouse might know what to expect and how to properly handle things. The “Dos and Don’ts” of it, if you will.


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Until next time friends… Take it easy, stay grateful and be joyful!

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