S2. Episode 11: Reckless Driving + My Bipolar Disorder – Show Notes

Also found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Tune in as I recount how my bipolar 2 disorder affected my driving record for the majority of my licensed years. Beware, I don’t hold back while discussing how the car accidents that I caused had a much deeper issue than me “just being a bad driver”. You’ll laugh, you’ll gainContinue reading “S2. Episode 11: Reckless Driving + My Bipolar Disorder – Show Notes”

S2. Episode 6: Stop Saying This Right Now – Show Notes

Tune in as Bailey spends a little time educating you on how not-okay certain commonly-used phrases are – some of which you might be using on a regular basis. Instead, she’ll teach you some great replacement phrases to use that will help make this world a better place.

S2. Episode 3: Therapy – Then Vs Now – Show Notes

Tune in as Bailey discusses what it was like when she first began therapy 9 years ago verses what therapy is like for her now. Hear how her perspective of therapy has changed over the years as well as how she has greatly benefited from years of attending sessions.

S2. Episode 2: Anger Management; Bailey’s Way – Show Notes

Also found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Tune into this week’s episode as I spill the beans on my past problems with anger. In this episode I discuss how feeling angry is natural although how you handle your anger is really important. I leave you with tips and tricks on how to manage yourContinue reading “S2. Episode 2: Anger Management; Bailey’s Way – Show Notes”

Episode 21. “What The Hell Is Going On?!” – Show Notes

Tune in as host, Bailey Reber, gets real and personal on the darker side of bipolar disorder. Listen to her perspective to understand what it’s like to live with bipolar 2 disorder…or just to hear the voice of someone who struggles in life sometimes, just like everyone does.

Episode 19: “What No One Ever Told You About Bipolar Disorder” – Show Notes

Go ahead and hit that “play” button to hear our host, Bailey Reber, speak some wonderful truths about bipolar disorder that you’ve likely never heard before. 

Episode 12: STOP the Stigmas! – Show Notes

The stigmas that surround mental health are one of the biggest reasons why people choose to NOT get help, even when they know they really need it. Tune in as our host, Bailey Reber, goes deep into this unfamiliar and often “touchy” topic. Learn about some of the myths regarding bipolar disorder in this two-part segment while learning to understand how these common misconceptions are dangerous.