Mood Sewciety Pattern Review: The Piper Shorts

One thing that both my friend and I have noticed is that there is a lack of reviews of these free patterns. Sure, you can scroll to the bottom of each post to read the comments, but that doesn’t suffice when exploring new patterns and trying to learn about how well they work. Therefore, I’ve decided that I’m going to take it upon myself to write my own reviews for each pattern that I try out, in hopes of helping others when they go to try them for themselves.

Here, you’ll find my review of The Piper Shorts, complete with photos and links. Please feel free to leave a comment at the very bottom with your thoughts, any information you think I may have missed, questions or with the outcome of your own sewing project after checking out my review.

4 Fabulous Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

I’ve now completed a total of 4 different birthday photoshoots – all of which have a unique theme to them – and I’ve decided to share them all with you in hopes of inspiring your next birthday photoshoot! 😇 Below are all four themes and the different components that I used for them. Enjoy and happy creative planning, friend!

Sewing Challenge Recap: The Year of The Romper

I challenged myself to create a different romper for each holiday using 1 single pattern. Here’s how they all turned out!

The Year of The Romper: Midway Update

For those of you who read the original article about the sewing challenge that I created for myself for the year 2021, here’s an update on the progress so far! Inspired by a friend, I’m using ONE sewing pattern to create a new look for every single holiday of the year. I’ve titled this challenge 2021:Continue reading “The Year of The Romper: Midway Update”

2021: The Year of The Romper

If you’ve been keeping up with any of my posts, you may have quite a good understanding about how I love to challenge myself – whether it be fitness challenges, reading challenges, lifestyle challenges – I’m always up for just about anything that will help expand my knowledge and personal development! With that being said…Continue reading “2021: The Year of The Romper”

It’s My Birthday, I’ll Be Extra If I Want To

For most people, birthdays are a day that’s either hugely celebrated with all of the things that the birthday person enjoys OR the opposite – spending the day trying to steer clear of any attention surrounding the event. Then there are those few, rare individuals whose birthday falls on important holidays like the 4th ofContinue reading “It’s My Birthday, I’ll Be Extra If I Want To”