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India Trip: Day 3 – Exploring New Delhi (March 16, 2022)

We made our way up the steps and as we walked through the entrance, which was shaped like the mouth of a rakshasa, my eyes became filled with wonder and grand curiosity. I was in awe that I was finally entering a temple in India, especially one so iconic! As we made our way through the narrow hallways of the temple, we found many different colorful idols as well as art forms which depicted stories from the Hindu epics. Dad briefly explained some of the stories to us, which I plan to learn more about via the Hindu books that I bought days before in Mumbai.

S3. Episode 13: This is What a Bipolar Hypomanic Episode Feels Like – Show Notes

In this episode, I discuss what it feels like in the midst of a bipolar 2 hypomanic episode. These hypomanic episodes are generally very specific to bipolar 2 disorder and therefore can be very confusing to those without this diagnosis. I truly hope to help those listening who have bipolar 2 disorder to feel less alone while tuning in. At the same time, I hope to leave those of you who do NOT have bipolar disorder feeling full of new information and insight on what their friends/loved ones may be going through.

S3. Episode 12: How to Support a Loved One Who is Feeling Depressed – Show Notes

Tune in as Bailey discusses the Do’s and Don’ts when trying to support a loved one who is feeling depressed. She discusses information she’s gathered via trusted sources as well as speaking from the heart about real-life experiences. She hopes that you’ll leave this episode with a better understanding of what you can and should do when supporting a loved one through their depression.

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