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S4. Episode 7: Self Discovery #2 – My Body Talks to Me – Show Notes

Tune in as Bailey discusses why she’s been absent from podcasting these past few weeks along with her theory as to what’s caused this.. Additionally, she explains how her self awareness has enabled her to take cues from her body to better understand what she’s feeling. You’ll leave this episode feeling inspired and ready to…

An Italian Adventure (Part 1)

Bailey recalls her first trip across the ocean when she went to Italy in 2011 as part of a high school trip. Read on as she recounts the first 3 days of the trip which include checking out the Colosseum, rushing to the Trevi Fountain, freely roaming through Rome unchaperoned and almost getting lost.


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Hi friend, I’m Bailey, also known as Bails. Besides hosting Distressed to Joyful; Bailey’s Way podcast, I enjoy an array of hobbies and activities. I spend a lot of my free time engaging in creative activities such as sewing, crafting, and cooking. I also enjoy reading, traveling, exercising, learning new things and so much more. I hope you enjoy learning about What Hey Bails Is Doing as much as I enjoy sharing my life experiences with you! 😉

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