Season 2 Show Notes


S2. Episode 12: Manic Spending Sprees – Show Notes

S2. Episode 15: How Gratitude Changed My Life – Show Notes

Tune into this episode as Bailey spills the beans on how practicing gratitude has changed her life – for the better! She goes into detail on the importance of this daily practice while giving thoughtful examples on how to make the most of it to reap all of its benefits.

S2. Episode 13: Feel Your Feelings – Show Notes

Also found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. In this episode, I discuss what it means to fully “feel your feelings” as well as a few coping mechanisms that might be hindering your ability to do so. The topic of emotions and feelings typically sends people running, but combining this important information with hilarious stories and laughter makes it…

S2. Episode 12: Manic Spending Sprees – Show Notes

Tune into this very insightful episode as Bailey discusses the correlation between bipolar disorder and spending sprees. She’ll give you research-backed information found inside helpful articles as well as personal experiences that really help showcase the real issue here. You’ll leave this episode with a better understanding of those working on managing their bipolar disorder…

S2. Episode 11: Reckless Driving + My Bipolar Disorder – Show Notes

Also found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Tune in as I recount how my bipolar 2 disorder affected my driving record for the majority of my licensed years. Beware, I don’t hold back while discussing how the car accidents that I caused had a much deeper issue than me “just being a bad driver”. You’ll laugh, you’ll gain…

S2. Episode 10: “Rest When You’re Stressed” – Show Notes

Bailey takes a moment to spill the beans about how stress has taken over her life in recent weeks. Tune in as she talks extensively about the book, “Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle” by Emily & Amelia Nagoski, what she’s learned from it that has helped her relieve stress and how this…

S2. Episode 9: I Love You…From Afar – Show Notes

Also found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Tune in as I discuss how to handle people in our lives who we are unable to allow into our personal spaces – both physical and mental. Hear me speak about some real-life examples about people that I have chosen to love from afar, how I handle these situations without hurting…

S2. Episode 8: Difficult Conversations with Loved Ones – Show Notes

Also found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Tune in as I give some examples from my personal life where things went sour while I didn’t have the tools to set boundaries with loved ones. Learn from my mistakes along with some helpful tips & resources that will help guide you in the direction of setting your own much-needed…

S2. Episode 7: Healthy vs. Unhealthy – Show Notes

Also found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. In this episode, I’ll tell you a story about how I learned that “healthy” is the main adjective that we should all be continuously striving towards. I’ll also give you a different perspective on descriptive words that we’re all guilty of using, while challenging you to open your eyes further by…

S2. Episode 4: What Is The Enneagram? – Show Notes

Tune into this episode as Bailey discusses what the Enneagram is, why it’s important and how you can use it to help better yourself as well as those around you. She’ll break it down in an easy, simple explanation while encouraging you to do a little self-discovery and type yourself.

S2. Episode 3: Therapy – Then Vs Now – Show Notes

Tune in as Bailey discusses what it was like when she first began therapy 9 years ago verses what therapy is like for her now. Hear how her perspective of therapy has changed over the years as well as how she has greatly benefited from years of attending sessions.

S2. Episode 2: Anger Management; Bailey’s Way – Show Notes

Also found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Tune into this week’s episode as I spill the beans on my past problems with anger. In this episode I discuss how feeling angry is natural although how you handle your anger is really important. I leave you with tips and tricks on how to manage your…

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