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Why do I feel so tired all the time? How do I manage all this stress and my anger? Why do all these terrible things keep happening to me? Does anyone else feel like this or is it just me? Is this something I can talk to my family and friends about?

Welcome to Distressed to Joyful; Bailey’s Way! Twice a month, I dive deep on topics surrounding bipolar disorder and mental health. You’ll hear me discuss ways to effectively manage your emotions, how I’ve learned to effectively manage my bipolar disorder and all that I’ve learned that allows me to live a passionate, fulfilled life! 

Travel Tales #4: An Italian Adventure (Part 1) Distressed to Joyful; Bailey’s Way

Tune in as Bailey recalls her first trip across the ocean when she went to Italy in 2011 as part of a high school trip. In this episode, she recounts the first 3 days of the trip which include checking out the Colosseum, rushing to the Trevi Fountain, freely roaming through Rome unchaperoned and almost getting lost. 😂 TRAVEL ARTICLES: SUPPORT THE SHOW: WEBSITE: SHOP: 
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