Custom Costumes

Hi friends! Welcome to the portion of portfolio whose purpose is to showcase all of the costumes that I, Bailey Reber, have created over the years! Here you’ll find a photo collage of the costumes that were designed and created for both myself, my friends and clients.

Madonna “Cone Bra” Corset – September 2022
Tinkerbell – October 2022
“Floral Fairy Princess” – November 2021
Minnie Mouse & “HIP-stagram” – October 2014
Mermaid Costume – October 2019
Chun Li Street Fighter – October 2022
Cookie Monster – October 2016
“Cady Herron House Party Dress” from the movie, Mean Girls – December 2022
“Sexy” Buzz Light Year – October 2022
Harry Potter Hufflepuff Cloak- December 2021
Gumball Machine – October 2014
Energizer Bunny & Battery Pack Couples Costume – October 2021
Ariel “The Little Mermaid” – October 2018
Madonna “Cone Bra” Corset (backside) – September 2022
Chun Li Street Fighter – October 2022
Mermaid Costume – October 2019
Little Mermaid Disneyland “Costume” – June 2022
Harry Potter Slytherin Cloak- December 2021
Peter Pan & Tinkerbell Couples Costume – October 2022
“Sexy” Buzz Light Year – October 2022
Bubble Bath – October 2015

Meet the Designer: Bailey Reber

Bailey has been sewing since she was 10 years old and began designing and creating her own clothing at the age of 15. Designing costumes is one of her favorite things to do. Fashion is her passion and she is currently attending Houston Community College with plans to transfer to The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC to finish her studies. All profits from her sales go towards her college tuition.


Bailey wearing her “Birthday Suit” that she designed in 2020
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