Why I’m Learning a Second Language and How I Began This Journey

As an adult, I can make an effort to learn a second language like I’d always wanted. The global lockdown provided plenty of time to devote to this daunting task, and the Enneagram 8 within me was up for a new challenge. After all, when else will I have time to undertake an enormous journey such as this one?

One more thing I should mention – I began dating my now-boyfriend-of-3-years, Monish, just two months before this lockdown began. The important thing to note about Monish? He was born and raised in India, having moved to the United States in 2017, and he is trilingual as he speaks English, Hindi and Gujarati. Not only did I already have a previous desire to learn a second language, but now I had an opportunity learn one that my new boyfriend and his family speaks – a SUPER win! In case you haven’t gathered this by now, I was beyond motivated and ready to get this language-learning-party started!

But… Where to begin?