Unraveling the Sangeet Tradition: A Bride’s Perspective Through an American Lens

Before delving into our story, it’s crucial to note that I am from the United States, while my now-husband is a product of India. In the initial phases of our relationship, discussions about marriage surfaced naturally, driven by the shared certainty that we were destined to spend our lives together. Given our stark cultural differences,Continue reading “Unraveling the Sangeet Tradition: A Bride’s Perspective Through an American Lens”

What to Expect on Your First Trip to India

As much as I love India, it’s not for everyone. I’m not just saying this – Indians have told me this (specifically my fiancĂ© and his family) as a forewarning to prepare me for my first trip which occurred in March 2022. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the people – ALL of these aspects differ greatly from those of the United States, the environment that I was born and raised in. Monish’s sister actually told me that she’s had friends come visit her in India from different parts of the world, and that some of them are just overwhelmed by everything this incredible country has to offer. Understanding this, Monish began preparing me for my first trip to India back when we first started dating, which happened to begin right before the 2020 pandemic lockdown occurred.