Welcome, y’all!

I have a website now – woohoo! As most of you know, I host a mental health-focused podcast called “Distressed to Joyful; Bailey’s Way” (currently streaming on Spotify & iTunes) and I’m so excited to now have a place to share more resources and information that I share with y’all on the show. If you’ve been keeping up-to-speed with the show, you know that I often mention websites and books that I’ve sourced information from. I also sometimes give out tips and tricks to help keep your self-awareness game strong while keeping your feelings and emotions in check. ALL of these things will be shared RIGHT HERE for you to access WITH YOUR EYES! Please read that in my excited voice. 😉

I say “with your eyes” in a joking manner but I’m totally serious about that. I am a need-to-see-it type girl; visualizer to the max! If you’re anything like me, you can picture yourself driving where you need to go before hopping in the car, you can remember a familiar face faster than their name and oral instructions are basically worthless because you learn best by show instead of tell. So while podcasts are an absolutely wonderful way to learn something new, having a visual-aide to back the information up will be a wonderful tool in your self-awareness and others-awareness journey along side me.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that while the show is a hot topic (and no, not the store! Hopefully at least ONE of y’all laughed at that), I’ll also have a million other things to share with you on this site! Okay, okay, maybe not a MILLION, but I am involved in a significant (and often alarming) number of extracurricular activities that I gain new experiences as well as creative ideas from. Things like new tasty recipes, exercise routines, fashion inspiration, DIY projects, must-see travel destinations, books to read and so much more! I am beaming with excitement as I’m typing, just dreaming up all of the super-cool things I’ve been doing that I now have a place to openly share with you.

I hope you are just as excited as I am! If not, stay tuned and I betcha I can turn your excitement level up a notch or two. 😉

Published by Bailey Reber

Hi friends! Welcome to the world of Hey Bails, where you will get a glimpse of all the things I get myself into! Explore the world with me, check up on my progress learning the Hindi language, hear about my journey with mental health & bipolar 2 disorder via my podcast (Distressed to Joyful; Bailey's Way) and learn how to do a variety of DIY projects with me, such as crafting and beauty tutorials. So, what are you waiting for? Let's start having FUN!

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