4 Fabulous Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

I’ve now completed a total of 4 different birthday photoshoots – all of which have a unique theme to them – and I’ve decided to share them all with you in hopes of inspiring your next birthday photoshoot! ? Below are all four themes and the different components that I used for them. Enjoy and happy creative planning, friend!

It’s My Birthday, I’ll Be Extra If I Want To

In the past, I’ve thrown my own birthday parties at the beginning of December in order to beat the overbooking of holiday parties that arise the closer it gets to Christmas. While these parties have always been fun, in 2018 I decided that I wanted to do something a little more special for myself… Pinterest came to the rescue with an amazing idea – a birthday photo shoot! I mean, what better gift to give to myself than a reason to sew a new fancy outfit, get dressed up and have my photo taken?!