The Bedtime Routine That Regulates My Sleep

Up until January of 2019, I did not have a bedtime routine nor an actual bedtime like I do now. I worked two jobs for 6 years – the second job was always as a restaurant server so my schedule tended to be all over the place. Even though I had a day job during the week, I would to just go to bed whenever I felt like it – meaning that I was often not getting sufficient sleep. Somehow, I managed to get by for all of those years…

The problems with my nonexistent sleep routine really started to interfere with my life when I accepted a full time position that allowed me to drop my second job. I was free from working late into the evenings, although now I was often required to be at my desk by 7:30am. At first, that was a NIGHTMARE for me as I typically didn’t go to bed until after midnight. But once 2019 rolled around, I decided that enough was enough and it was time to get my act together! I did some research and found that I needed to put together a bedtime routine in order to be able to go to sleep on time which then makes waking up so much easier.

Because I chose to start making a conscious effort to go to bed at a decent time, I began to wake up feeling refreshed and energized! After consistently sticking to this routine, over time I’ve become the morning person that I’ve always wanted to be! I can confidently say that I’m now “that person” – the one who wakes up at 5:00am to get a workout in before heading to work. Ask me three years ago if I would do that and I would’ve laughed in your face! So if I can make a massive change like this, so can YOU.

Below is my personal bedtime routine that I adhere to on a regular basis in order to fall asleep at the appropriate time to get adequate sleep…

  1. At 9:00pm, my iPhone’s bedtime mode turns on and I no longer touch my phone until the next morning when my alarm goes off. (learn more and how to use the iPhone’s Bedtime mode here)
  2. Hop into the shower and wash the day away
  3. Take any nightly medication along with a melatonin tablet if needed
  4. Heat up the teapot and brew a cup of caffeine-free herbal tea
  5. Foam roll and/or do a little light stretching
  6. Crawl into bed!
  7. Write in my Gratitude Journal what I’m grateful for from the day that just ended
  8. Read a book for 15-20 minutes (sometimes more if I’m waiting for the melatonin to kick in)

I hope you find some of these tips useful and consider creating a bedtime routine of your own! For more useful tips, click here to receive a free copy of The Ultimate Guide to the Best Nights Sleep. I promise you, it’s totally worth it. 😉

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