What is Poshmark and Why Should You Use It?

I get asked questions like this on a regular basis so I figured a blog post would be a wonderful way to get all of the information out easily to the masses. Enjoy soaking up this free knowledge from a Poshmark-fanatic! 😉

Poshmark is an app that is essentially an online resell shop – but where YOU sell your own items and make a profit, less the 20% fee that Poshmark takes for allowing you to use their platform. This platform is similar to Ebay because the buyers have the option to barter on how much they want to pay for your item, although you don’t have to accept their offer. If you want to sell an item for $25, you have the power to not accept any offers lower than that!

One massive plus to using Poshmark is that you don’t have to take the time to figure out the shipping fees! Poshmark has a standard shipping price of $7.99 that’s fixed for all items, regardless of the size (weighing 5 lbs or less), that the buyer is required to pay for. I know, $7.99 seems a bit high, but not so much when it’s guaranteed Two-Day shipping… Poshmark also runs lots of promotions that gives the buyers discounted shipping if they purchase within certain timeframes.

While most “considering-users” think of this platform as pretty complicated to learn, it’s actually super simple (and also often fun) to use. I originally started selling on the app back in 2017 after I took 10 of my Coach purses to my local Plato’s Closet in order to make some fast cash. To my dismay, the cashier told me she could only offer me a whopping $40 for all TEN of them. I’m sure your face is in absolute shock right now – just as mine was in that moment. I declined her offer and she mentioned that I should check out Poshmark where I would likely get a much better offer on them. Well, she was absolutely right! The very first item I sold on the app was a Coach purse for $50. To think I would’ve missed out on a LOT of money had I actually sold them all to Plato’s that day…

So, how does it work??

First, click this link to download the app and use my code HEYBAILS93 to receive a $10 reward at signup.

Once you go through the setup process, next you’ll want to gather any items that you want to sell. Inspect them thoroughly for any stains, tears or imperfections. Having these on the items is not a bad thing – you will be surprised at what people will buy… “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” (click here to see an example of what someone bought from me that blew my mind). You just want to make sure that you make a note of any imperfections in the details of the item so that there are no surprises when it arrives at the buyers doorstep.

Next, take photos of the items. You’ll want to get all angles and in as natural light as possible to avoid the photo appearing different than the item itself. Then you’ll upload the photos (up to 16 of them) as a “listing” on Poshmark, describing the item in as much detail as possible. If you know the original price, you’ll want to add that in as well as the asking price in order for people to see how good of a deal it is for them to buy from you.

Click here to see the actual listing on Poshmark

Voila! You’ve made your very first listing. You can add as many or as little items as you’d like….you also don’t have to add ANY at all and instead can just shop on the app.

My favorite thing about shopping on Poshmark is that I can search for specific items by searching by brand, color or item type. Plus, you can input your own size into the app so that only items in your size will show up in the search! This is such a beautiful thing considering that going to the thrift store is always a hit or miss if you’ll find something you love in your size.

If you’d like to see more of the items I’m currently selling or ones that I’ve sold in the past, click here to see my Poshmark closet.

I hope this helps to answer any questions you may have! Remember, thrift shopping not only saves you money, but it also helps out the environment tremendously 🌎❤️

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