2021: The Year of The Romper

If you’ve been keeping up with any of my posts, you may have quite a good understanding about how I love to challenge myself – whether it be fitness challenges, reading challenges, lifestyle challenges – I’m always up for just about anything that will help expand my knowledge and personal development!

With that being said… I’ve taken on a new challenge for 2021, something completely original that I’ve never done before… The idea was inspired by a friend of mine who saw an outfit that I made and posted on Facebook – this romper I made back in 2019, pictured below.

I wore this bad boy when I went to go vote in the primary election at the beginning of 2020 – before the pandemic struck.

So what’s this new challenge? Okay, okay, I’ve left you in suspense long enough 😉 I’m going to use ONE sewing pattern and create a new look for every single holiday of the year with it! I’ve titled this challenge 2021: The Year of The Romper and completed my first holiday romper this past weekend. I’ve titled it “Be Mine” appropriately as it was for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the pattern along with the fabric before I began the project.

I paired it with the following to create this 90s-inspired look:

  • Red Ked shoes: bought gently-used on Poshmark (check out this article to learn more about the benefits of using the Poshmark app. Use my code HEYBAILS93 at sign up to receive a $10 reward)
  • Denim Jacket: This item is actually listed for sale in my Poshmark closet – it’s yours if you want it! 😉 Click here to check out the listing
  • Red Sequin Heart Earrings: Purchased online on 2 Birds Boutique’s website. They’re a small business based out of Texas and have the most adorable earrings! This is one of three pairs of their earrings that I own; you might say that I’m a little bit obsessed. Ha! Click here to check out their shop and use my code HEYBAILS93 for 20% off your purchase! Be careful, their items are so cute that you’ll want to buy them ALL 🙂

Be sure to follow @whatisheybailsdoing on Instagram to keep up with my outfits for this challenge. I LOVE dressing up, especially when there’s a theme involved, so you’re guaranteed to see a lot of fun, colorful outfits for the holidays this year. Stay tuned! 😉

Want more? Check out these articles to see how this challenge progressed!

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