Episode 3: The Diagnosis. What Compelled Bailey to Seek Help? – Show Notes

3. The Diagnosis. What compelled Bailey to seek help? Distressed to Joyful; Bailey's Way

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Tune in as I recount what it was like to be a scared, young high school kid who just wanted to feel “normal”. I knew something wasn’t right and finally worked up the courage to tell my parents that I wanted to seek professional help. Learn what it was like for me to see a mental health professional for the very first time; how I felt before, during and after my first visit and how my bipolar disorder diagnosis changed my life from there on out. Plus, you’ll learn valuable tips on how to help someone in your life who may be currently going through something similar.

This episode was presented as if I was being interviewed by an invisible person in the room with me. Below you’ll find the questions presented along with the short-version of my answer (the long version can be discovered by tuning into the episode ?).

How old were you when you were originally diagnosed? What made you decide to seek out professional help?

I was 16 years old and it was the Spring of 2010. I’d always felt like something was a little off mood-wise. Then I found out that my biological dad was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at one point in his life, which really got me thinking…

What was it like on that first visit?

It was very rough, not going to lie. I remember sitting in the waiting room, filling out the paperwork and seeing another kid in there with his mom – this kid was significantly younger. I was a bit scared and definitely nervous…

How did you feel afterwards? Did having the actual diagnosis make you feel better?

I felt different. A little relieved knowing that I was right and that I would be put on medication to help, but I definitely felt different…

What changed about your daily life now that you’ve gotten your answer?

First off, I was no longer fearing “the unknown”. Knowing that I did, in fact, have bipolar disorder now meant that I could figure out what to do to fix this, right? I started taking a small dose of a medication at nighttime that made it hard for me to fall asleep. That was rough. I was seeing this psychiatrist once a week at first while trying out meds for the first time…


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