S5. Episode 1: The Importance of Learning to Be Flexible in Life & Embrace Change – Show Notes

6. Therapy Unveiled: My Personal Journey, Vulnerable Moments, and How to Make Therapy Work for You Distressed to Joyful; Bailey's Way

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Welcome to Season 5 of Distressed to Joyful; Bailey’s Way! Tune in to learn what this new season of the podcast will bring. Additionally, I discuss why it is important for us to learn to be flexible and embrace the changes that life may bring. As someone who used to resist change with a white-hot-intensity, I talk from experience about how I’ve learned to embrace change and how it’s changed my life for the better. You’ll leave this episode feeling inspired and ready to take on any new challenges that come your way!



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  • Lastly, for those curious, below you’ll find my Bride Tribe Sangeet Performance from my Indian Wedding which I mentioned during this episode. Hope you enjoy!

Self Reflection Corner

  • This week’s topic: letting things go
    • I’ve come to realize that I have a reallllly hard time with letting things go. For example, if someone hurts me (especially if it was intentionally), it sticks with me for a WHILE and sometimes doesn’t go away, making it hard for me to forgive them and move on
  • Why do I have such a hard time with letting things go??
    • My theory behind this issue of mine is that I don’t know how to let go of things and move on because I was never taught how to nor did I have any role models in my household who were doing this that I could learn from.
    • Growing up in my household, if someone hurt you, they weren’t necessarily required to apologize and if they did apologize, it was likely forced and not genuine, making it hard to accept. My family basically just shoved everything under the rug and went on with our lives as if the person next to us never did anything to hurt us
      • This is a very toxic way to live because unresolved hurts stay inside of us, and they can later cause more problems in our lives and our future relationships with others
  • Solution: I don’t have one yet. THAT IS OKAY! Part of self discovery is identifying our weaknesses so that we can then work towards finding solutions.
    • That said, this is something that I’ll be working on with my therapist this year as I want to learn how to easily forgive those who have wronged me. This is especially important for the instances when someone unintentionally wrongs me.


My Challenge for YOU

  • As we have begun the new year, I challenge you to take a real, hard look at your life and decide if there’s something about it that you’d like to change.
    • Maybe you want to start eating healthier foods, maybe you want to create a bedtime routine habit, maybe you want to learn how to budget and stop overspending
  • Whatever you come up with, I challenge you to find ONE THING that you’d like to change about your life and set out to change it! 
    • I’ll tell you from experience – change is so uncomfortable, but the more you start thrusting yourself into it, the easier it becomes.
  • Below are a few resources to help you make some positive changes in your life.
    • Free Healthy Habit Guide & Tracker – learn how to create new habits with this simple and effective method
    • 60 Days Stronger Challenge – reset your body and mind with this 2-month-long challenge that you can do with family and friends
    • Bedtime Routine – discover the bedtime routine that I use to help regulate my sleep along with ideas and tips on how to create a routine that works best for you
    • Daily Journaling – here are 31 prompts to help kick off a new habit of journaling which will help you gain a deeper sense of yourself
  • Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram @distressedtojoyful_baileysway to tell me what you decided to change and how you felt after working on it

Until next time friends… Take it easy, stay grateful and be joyful!

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