Bailey’s 2022 Reading List

Before I get too ahead of myself, here’s my list of 14 books that I read throughout 2022. Nine of these fourteen books are considered part of the self-help genre. Three of these books are autobiographies and the remaining two books are fiction – one that I chose to read on my own and one that was part of a Reading Scholarship opportunity at my college. While autobiographies aren’t technically self-help, my opinion of that differs. We learn from the mistakes of others and reading someone’s life story with all of the ups and downs they experienced can benefit our own lives in many different ways.

S2. Episode 10: “Rest When You’re Stressed” – Show Notes

Bailey takes a moment to spill the beans about how stress has taken over her life in recent weeks. Tune in as she talks extensively about the book, “Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle” by Emily & Amelia Nagoski, what she’s learned from it that has helped her relieve stress and how this has helped with managing her bipolar disorder. She’ll leave you with a small, simple challenge that, when practiced daily, can bring enormous change.

An Inside Look at a Twentysomething’s Experience as a First Time College Student

“Tell me something about yourself” is a question that is frequently asked, yet often very difficult for many of us to answer. It’s become an increasingly difficult question for me to answer, as I’m involved in a wide variety of different activities, thus I often lose sight of where to begin.

My 2021 Reading List

For the year 2021, I set a goal to read 15 new books once again as 15 was my goal last year that I didn’t quite hit… I came so close again this year by finishing the year with a total of 14 new books read! While I tend to be an over-achiever, not reachingContinue reading “My 2021 Reading List”

I’m a 27-Year-Old First Time College Student

For me, attending college after high school wasn’t exactly an option. Sure, I applied to a few schools during the fall semester of my senior year like all of the other kids were doing, but I never actually pictured myself going off to school in the following year.

There are multiple reasons as to why I didn’t feel like college was for me. First of all, the financial aspect. My parents decided early on that they would not pay for myself or my two siblings to attend college – that we would have to figure out how to afford it on our own. This stems from the fact that my dad and my uncle put themselves through school in the 80s, so they believed that we should have to do it too. To be honest, I resented my parents for a long time for this but I’m now in a place where I actually appreciate their decision.

6 Amazing Books for Healing

If you’ve tuned into my podcast, Distressed to Joyful; Bailey’s Way, you’re probably fully aware that I am no stranger to trauma as well as the work it takes to be able to heal from it. Alongside working with my therapist, I’ve read many books to help me better understand the things that I’ve beenContinue reading “6 Amazing Books for Healing”

S2. Episode 9: I Love You…From Afar – Show Notes

Also found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Tune in as I discuss how to handle people in our lives who we are unable to allow into our personal spaces – both physical and mental. Hear me speak about some real-life examples about people that I have chosen to love from afar, how I handle these situations without hurtingContinue reading “S2. Episode 9: I Love You…From Afar – Show Notes”