Episode 12: STOP the Stigmas! – Show Notes

The stigmas that surround mental health are one of the biggest reasons why people choose to NOT get help, even when they know they really need it. Tune in as our host, Bailey Reber, goes deep into this unfamiliar and often "touchy" topic. Learn about some of the myths regarding bipolar disorder in this two-part segment while learning to understand how these common misconceptions are dangerous. SHOW NOTES: https://whatisheybailsdoing.com/2020/08/04/episode-12-show-notes/  WEBSITE: https://whatisheybailsdoing.com/  INSTAGRAM:  https://www.instagram.com/distressedtojoyful_baileysway/ FACEBOOK COMMUNITY:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/distressedtojoyful.baileysway/

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First of all, THANK YOU for listening to this episode. Stigmas play a huge part in the reasons as to why people don’t seek help as well as why they’re afraid to tell others about the current condition of their mental health. This is the first in a two-part show series about the common misconceptions and myths about bipolar disorder.

  • For the article I cited from Laguna Treatment Hospital titled “How Does Drug Abuse Affect Someone with Bipolar Disorder?“, click here.
  • Here‘s some information about the Netflix series Narcos and here’s the link for Narcos: Mexico in case you want to check them out based on what I mentioned in the show or just if you’re looking for something new to binge-watch. Options are slim these days as we’re still sitting out this pandemic so no judgement!
  • Click here for the article on Psych Central where I got information about some of the common myths about bipolar disorder.
  • If you haven’t seen the movie Silver Linings Playbook and can promise me that you’re perception of those diagnosed with bipolar disorder won’t change after watching it, feel free to click this link to read more about the story line.

Be sure to check out Episode 13: STOP the Stigmas! – Round 2 in order to hear more about the myths and common misconceptions about the disorder. Thank you for being here and taking the time to educate yourself. Whether or not you or someone you know has bipolar disorder, just know that you’re helping to make the world a much better place as you expand your mind and learn to see the world from a different point of view.

Until next time… Take it easy, stay grateful and be joyful!

Check out more episodes from Season 1 of the podcast while you’re here!


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